Tide Mill Institute

Tide Mill Institute -- Organization

At an organizational meeting held in Salem, Massachusetts, February 3, 2007, the three persons listed below agreed to establish the Tide Mill Institute.

. Earl Taylor, President of the Dorchester Historical Society
. Earle (Bud) Warren, maritime historian
. John Goff, former editor of the Tide Mill Times

The organizers agreed:

The name of the organization shall be: Tide Mill Institute


The Tide Mill Institute shall begin as an institute sponsored by the Dorchester Historical Society in Boston, Massachusetts, with an eventual goal of incorporating and attaining independent non-profit status.


  • - to advance appreciation of the American and international heritage of tide mill technology;
  • - to encourage research into the location and history of tide mill sites;
  • - to serve as a repository for tide mill data for students, scholars, engineers and the general public and to support and expand the community of these tide mill stakeholders;
  • - to promote appropriate re-uses of old tide-mill sites and the development of the use of tides as an energy source.


The idea for the Institute came from John Goff, former editor of the Tide Mill Times. In preparing a study of the James Blake House in Dorchester, Massachusetts, John discovered that Dorchester, like many other coastal towns, had tide mills constructed and operated by the earliest European settlers in the 17th century. This discovery rekindled his interest in the history of tide mills on the New England coast. Following discussions with Earl Taylor of the Dorchester Historical Society and Bud Warren, a researcher interested especially in the tide mills of Maine and New Hampshire, the three of them decided to organize the first Conference on Historical Tide Mills in 2005. To find out more about the Institute, e-mail us or read on.