Tide Mill Institute

2005- Tide Mill Institute Conference November 5, 2005

10:00 AM:
Welcome to Dorchester and Opening Remarks
by Earl Taylor, President, Dorchester Historical Society

10:10 am
Proposal to Publish a Book on American Tide Mills
By Susan Langley, Maryland

10:20 am
Historic Tide Mills in the Old World and New World: an Overview
By Earle (Bud) Warren and John Goff

River Mills and Tide Mills in Earliest Dorchester
by Earl Taylor, President, Dorchester Historical Society

11:30 am
Clap’s Tide Mill & Boston’s Oldest House, the Blake-Clap House
By John Goff, former editor, Tide Mill Times
1:00 pm
Tide Mill Research and Progress Report from Maine and New Hampshire
Earle (Bud) Warren 

1:30 pm

Explorations at a 17th c. Boston Tide Mill Site: South Mills on Mill Creek
Nancy Seasholes, Patrick Malone and Chuck Parrott, NPS

2:30 pm
Slade Spice Tide Mill, Revere, MA: Before and After
Robert Brooker and Jeff Pearlman

3:10 pm
Renewable Energy
Dr. John Coleman, SOLAR NOW, Beverly, MA

3:45 pm

Looking Forward / Concluding Remarks
John Goff and Earl Taylor