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Tide Mills in the New World

Carlton, George M., Sr. Tide Mills of Maine and Beyond. [ca. 1980?] 

         A pdf version of this article is available on another site: click here

Elden, Alfred. “Tide-Mills in New England.” Old Time New England XXV, no. 4, April, 1935, p. [116]-127. 

     Brief history of a few tide mills with illustrations, including Mill at Hingham, MA; Slade Spice Mill, Chelsea, MA; Perkins Tide Mill, Kennebunkport, ME; Old Mill, Wells, ME; Hodgdon Mill, East Boothbay, ME; Basic Cover Mill, South Harpswell, ME; and Mill at Phippsburg, ME.   A pdf version of this article is available on another site, click here

Goff, John. Souther Tide Mills, Quincy, Massachusetts. Preservation and Management Plan. Prepared for the City of Quincy by Historic Preservation & Design, 1995.

 “Medford’s First Gristmill.” Medford (Mass.) Historical Register, (Sept. 1920), p. 53-60. Meigs, Peviril. “Tide Mills of Boston.” Year Book of the American Philosophical Society. 1970 p. 462-464.

Rawson, Marion Nicholl. Little Old Mills. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1935. 367 p.

Although the text sometimes seems as impressionistic and charming as the title of the book implies, Rawson does provide much detail. She mentions hand and animal power as well as wind and water. She mentions various uses for mills: grist mill, boulting mill, sawmill, woodworking mill, sugar-cane mill, rice mill, spinning mill, ginning mill, fulling mill, snuff mill, hat or fur mill, cider mill. The author’s chapter on Tide Mills mentions terms for parts of the mills and mentions Perkin’s Tide Grist Mill, 1749, Kennebunkport, Maine; Booth Bay Harbor, Maine. John Patterson tidal corn-mill, near Yorktown, Virginia; Vance’s Mill, near Abington, Virginia; mill at Poplar Grove, Virginia; Gerritsen Tide Mill, Flatlands, Brooklyn built in 1636; Miller Baker in Roxbury, Massachusetts, 1650; Southport Harbor, Connecticut, 1715. Charming illustrations. Rawson states [in 1935] that there are 8 or 9 tide mills still active in New England including Booth Bay Harbor and Perkins in Maine.

Smith, Thomas P. The Spice Mill on the Marsh. Norfolk Downs, Mass.: Privately Printed by the Pneumatic Scale Corp. Ltc., 1925. 

The story of Slade’s spice mill in Revere, Massachusetts. 37 p. with black-and-white illustrations.  A pdf version of this small book is available on another site, click here

Trowbridge, J.T. The Tinkham Brothers's Tide-Mill. Boston: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co., 1882. 
  Fictional story based on real events of negotiations between mill owners and boat owners. Originally published in serial form in St. Nicholas, vol. X, Parts 1 and 2 (Nov.1882-Sept. 1883). 

Trowbridge, J.T. The Tinkham Brothers' Tide-Mill. Edited and with Commentary by Richard A. Duffy. Arlington, Massachusetts: Arlington Historical Society, 1999.   Duffy’s commentary includes a section titled “The Tide Mills of Arlington, Massachusetts. The author also provides general tide mill history, mentioning Boston mills and the mills of the Mystic River. Reviewed in International Molinology, Bulletin of the International Molinological Society, no. 61, December 2000, p. 29.