Tide Mill Institute

The tidal barrage pictured is the installation at La Rance near St. Malo in France



The study of the use of tidal flow to create useable energy is a topic of primary interest to the participants in the Tide Mill Institute.  Each of the annual conferences has included a component devoted to the use of tidal energy and the re-use of tide mill sites.

There is a huge amount of information on the internet about this topic, and we have listed only a few websites below.  The field is changing every day and so is the information, so don’t limit yourself to the sites we have pointed out.

Alex Gorlov has been a frequent speaker at our conferences.  The Gorlov Helical Turbine has been used in experimental installations around the world and has been adapted in a number of ways.

Alex Gorlov

Scott D. Anderson, another of our speakers, used a helical turbine in an application with South American native populations.





A few sites for news in the field of Tidal Energy:









Ocean Energy Explored

Marine current, wave and tidal energy is set to boom. Not only is interest and investment in the range of technologies growing, the engineering disciplines and testing facilities that support them are becoming more mature. With full commercial operations surely just around the corner, we explore the power of the deep.

By David Appleyard