Tide Mills Institute

Tide Mills Data Collection Form
(please print this form, fill out and mail to Earl Taylor, Tide Mill Institute, Dorchester Historical Society, 195 Boston Street, Dorchester, MA 02125)

Submitter’s name: _____________________________________________
Contact info: tel. _____________________________________________
e-mail _____________________________________________

Location of the Mill You are Describing
(in the form country—state/province—city/town—locale/neighborhood—specific address)
(example: USA—Massachusetts—Revere—770 Revere Beach Parkway)

Name of the tide mill: ______________________________________________
Does the mill still exist? ______________
Explain the evidence that the subject site is/was a tide mill site:

Additional information if you know it
(provide citations to sources to back up what you know)
Name(s) of owner(s)/operator(s) of the mill with dates
Does the mill owner’s/operater’s family still own the property? Who are they? Has anyone contacted them?
Use(s) of the mill with dates (e.g., Grist Mill 1670-1725; Saw Mill 1725-1799)
Waterwheel characteristics
Range of tide
General Description
Topographical Description
Architectural Description
Historical Description
Economic Description
Description of Machinery
Human Story of the Mill
Citations to published sources such as books, pamphlets, websites that mention the mill (copies of these are helpful)
Citations to repositories that contain photographs, plans, illustrations, maps (copies of any of these at highest resolution are extremely helpful)
If possible, it is helpful to have a map or maps with arrows, highlights, pushpins, circles, squares, etc. to indicate the location of the mill. Both historical maps and maps from sources such as the Google Earth website are useful. Each map, photograph or other illustration must be identified as to its source, preferably with name of maker, description, date, and explanation of what it illustrates.